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Archive for January 2016

Xi’an…only easier!

Xi’an. It is called one of the four great ancient capitals of China – a city that has over 3,000 years of rich culture and history. But like any other city in China, trying to live and work in a foreign country brings a load of hassles and frustrations!

For expats living and working here, searching for a place to live is difficult, at best. Simple shopping trips can take hours. Buses are crowded. Taxis can be hard to find. House help, at times, can be a necessity.

For businesses, whether expanding to a new city or getting started for the first time, navigating the laws, bureaucracy and red tape in a foreign country can be almost impossible!

That is why SRV is here. Silk Road Ventures, Ltd. is a company in Xi’an that is dedicated to helping Expats and foreign companies succeed in our city! We succeed when you succeed! We provide a multitude of services that will allow you to keep the everyday hassles of life in a foreign country to a minimum and give you the opportunity to experience all that Xi’an has to offer! Xi’an…only easier!