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SRV’s Expat Services

Helping expats make the most of their Xi'an experience

The adventure of living in Xi'an, China

Xi'an. It is called one of the four great ancient capitals of China - a city that has over 3,000 years of rich culture and history. From the old city wall to the Big Goose pagoda to the ancient tablets of stone in Beilin to the thousands of clay warriors just north of the city - experiencing all of the history and ancient culture in Xi'an is a unique opportunity. But somewhere between the amazing historical experiences, the reality of life in a foreign country is quite apparent. Like any other city in China, trying to live and work in a foreign country brings a load of hassles and frustrations!

For expats living and working here, searching for a place to live is difficult, at best. Simple shopping trips can take hours. Buses are crowded. Taxis can be hard to find. House help, at times, can be a necessity.

That is why SRV is here. We succeed when you succeed! We provide a set of services that will allow you to keep the everyday hassles of life in a foreign country to a minimum and give you the opportunity to experience all that Xi'an has to offer! Xi'an...only easier!