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SRV can help you find a house or apartment in Xi'an.

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Whether you're moving to Xi'an for the first time or looking to move to a new apartment in the city, searching for a place to live can be a very complicated ordeal! Language barriers, lease negotiation, finding the right location and landlord...can each bring unwanted headaches.

We can help! In fact, finding an apartment for you is one of our specialties. You can tell us your preferred location in the city and we do all the work! We'll search through listings and provide you with several price-range and area options. Our Chinese and international staff will set up appointments to view apartments, work with you through the lease negotiations and do their best to make it all a smooth process for you!

Apartment Search Fee Waived

We are currently running a promotion for all residents and potential residents of Xi'an, China. All Housing and apartment search fees will be waived for our customers! That means you can take advantage of this valuable service with no additional charges. Here's how it works:

  1. SRV finds and helps you rent an apartment that fits your needs.
  2. When the contract is signed, half of your standard contract realtor fee goes to SRV instead of to the presiding realty company.
This allows SRV to offer our Housing Search service at no extra charge to our customers!

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