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SRV can help you with your transportation needs.

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If you've lived in China for even a few days, you've realized how hard it can be to travel from point A to point B. Whether going to the grocery store, to the airport, to dinner or a movie riding the bus guarantees long and crowded journeys and taxis can at times be very difficult to find!

We can help you avoid this transportation mess! Whether you occasionally need a driver for special trips to the airport and sightseeing, or to meet more frequent daily needs, SRV can provide you with the right transportation services. We offer assistance for scheduling drivers on an "as needed" basis or monthly packages for daily and weekly drivers.

Transportation Types

SRV can provide you with transportation for many different situations in Xi'an:

  • Small to mid-size cars, SUVs and Minivans - Great for taking a trip with you friends and Xi'an guests when visiting the Terracotta Warriors or other sites around the city. Also good when scheduling airport pickups for family and friends.
  • Large Cargo or Passenger Van - Need to move some stuff? These vans are great for moving boxes, equipment, etc... from one place to another or for getting a large amount of suitcases and airport passengers
  • Moving Trucks - If you're in Xi'an for more than a year or two, you've probably either experienced the moving process or might be looking for a new apartment. SRV can help you find a moving truck to fit your needs.

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