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SRV Relocation Services

Moving to Xi'an? We can help!

Moving to Xi'an? We can help!

Moving to a new city can be hard enough…but moving to a new city in a foreign country is a completely different experience! If you are planning to move to Xi’an, China, then you have found the right place! SRV specializes in relocating employees and families to our city. We can provide you with a step-by-step action plan to make your move to Xi’an as smooth and comfortable as possible.

We begin the process with our “City Orientation Program” – designed to get your moving process started well before moving day! During your first visit to the city, we help you through the home search process and tackle the many “behind-the-scenes” details of moving to a foreign country. We continue this process until you and your family are moved in.

In addition to our relocation assistance, we also offer ongoing assistance packages to help you make the most out of your stay in Xi’an! From transportation to language classes to house help – we offer a variety of ongoing services to help you succeed in Xi’an.
City Orientation Program. Visiting Xi'an before you move is an important first step in the process. We can arrange your entire trip to maximize your time! We will:

  1. Book your hotel room(s).
  2. Arrange pickup at the airport.
  3. Give you an overview of city.­
  4. Take you to visit foreigner stores.
  5. Take you to visit International Schools and kindergartens.
  6. Take you to visit language schools.
  7. Give you information about transportation options in the city.
Cost: Varies according to situation and number of days needed. Please call us for a personal assessment and program quote.
Home Search Program. Choose your home in Xi'an is one of the most important decisions as you move here. We know how important it is to you and our thorough home search program will give you the opportunity to find the right living space! We will:

  1. Conduct a thorough interview to discover your needs and wants.
  2. Put together a property portfolio.
  3. Take you to view multiple housing options.
  4. Assist in your lease negotiation and contract details.
  5. Work with your landlord to ensure smooth and timely move-in.
Cost: Because of the relationships we have with realtors, there is usually no extra charge to you for this service, but this will depend on the situation and whether a lease is signed or not.
Relocation Assistance. Our relocation service helps you make your initial move to Xi’an and gets you set up to live here.

  1. Prior to arrival, we will search out the most convenient and viable areas for residence according to your situation and desires and make the necessary preparations so that things will move quickly when you arrive.
  2. A service associate competent in both Chinese and English will assist you in choosing an apartment and handling lease negotiations.
  3. We will assist you in locating and registering in schools if you have children and a language school if you would like to study Mandarin.
  4. We will assist you in purchasing furniture and appliances as well as setting up your home utilities such as internet, telephone, drinking water, gas, etc so that you can quickly settle in.
  5. We can also help you get registered with the police and local authorities.